Natalie Scenters-Zapico

telephoto zooms into a living room. Today, this sUA 
documents the tidal volume of a newborn’s breath 

through drywall. The newborn’s mother
does not own technology to make sure the baby 

still breathes at night as she tries to sleep between feedings.
But an agent in a concrete room, in another city, notes

the baby’s heat signatures. The agent sees the baby
stops breathing, so rotates the INDAGO 3 away 

from the house. The agent does not call an ambulance.
The agent does not wake the sleeping mother. 

The agent does not file a report. The agent’s code reads:
No report is required unless a domestic threat is identified.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in another city, in another
country, in another desert is no threat to the agent’s domestic. 

The agent sways the controller with ease and speaks
into the transmitter: Fly Away. Fly Away.